Published on September 16, 2006 By Murex In DesktopX
Just wanted to say thanks to one and all for the scripts that you have been posting. It helps out pepole like me that can make graphics and love to do DXThemes, But just can't seem to get a handel on scripting...
on Sep 17, 2006
Thanks. We all start somewhere. Trying to teach myself javascript but, keep going back to vbscript since I have more experience with VBA with MS Office.

Speaking for myself I'm trying to do as much using just dxscript to show how powerful the internal engine is. I've added a few more scripts to the wiki. And look for a more advance "Starburst Effect" within the next week or so.
on Sep 19, 2006
Ha! Murex no need to say thanks really its what this place was made for but it is nice to know we can help people other than ourselves.

I think the most complicated script I made was a drop-down list of saved websites.. That was nuts to get right ku.

Anyway, Thanks for your thanks but no doubt there'll be a time when you provide to me or SirSmiley or even RomanDA (the Script God.. or so it seems)
on Sep 21, 2006
RomanDA (the Script God.. or so it seems)


I'll wait for Zu to make a comment on that one.. LOL

Hey, we all need someway yo lean things, and what little i know im happy to share.
on Sep 21, 2006
RomanDA (the Script God.. or so it seems)

I have no comment that could be both honest and kind.